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Site arcade

Arcade is open! but.... i need (more) games! If you have any flash based games you enjoy online please comment with a link. If the game is "appropriate" I'll add it (if possible). Point/trophys up soon, comment with SS of your high score to participate.

Update: search is down~ will be back soon

OMGPOP and using it on the website:

Given that the client is communicating between ucoz servers and omgpop servers, expect some issues with loading times. In game lag shouldn't be any worse than what you experience in as that is all server sided to and not servers.

You may login; join matches; make a private match. If you wish to join a private match you cant join via a invite link as that will send you to, to join a private match while on the forsaken site; login -> click friends playing and click to join your friends private match. (obviously you must have the user who made the private match friend listed on omgpop for this to work!)

The client will also notify you of when a friend logs in or when someone requests to become friends.

You may not be able to operate the site with a scroll wheel on pages displaying the OMGPOP client. This deals with OMGPOP and how it has so many frames in one window. If you cant use your scroll wheel see the sidebar :3

If you experience any major glitches please leave details about it in feedback~
Thank you~

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2 Mikko   (2009-08-24 11:10 AM) [Entry]
It would be nice if all the games were behind links, it would make the browsing easier. And at least for me they all start loading at the same time and it lags xD Maybe my computer just sucks, but it would be nice :3 Gotta love the square game, addicting

E: nevermind I'm just stupid xD

3 moto   (2009-08-24 5:14 PM) [Entry]
yeah, once i get most of the games up, im probably going to change the browsing page so you have to click it to go to the game, since it can lag on slower comps

ty for the feedback <3

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