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Site and forum may be down/non working sporadically over the next few days as i "clean" the site. i updated user groups (sorry for the delay to people who have been waiting to be moved) and merged a few forum sections.

once again looking for active guild members on the site who would be interested in posting maplestory news and keeping the section current. i may be merging the new section into the forum itself, but only if one or two people are interested in moderating maplestory news.

i'm also looking for one person to take tristans place in handling site mail. this includes applications, support tickets etc. at the present time this handled by me and tess but i would prefer having another person take responsibility in case were both inactive.

finally, a reminder: if anyone has any graphics they would like to submit for use on the site... post on forums pls!

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3 FurryWalls   (2011-03-24 11:06 PM) [Entry]
im sure i can handle a few things. can you tell me how this "email" thing works?

4 moto   (2011-03-25 0:11 AM) [Entry]
you would help field site mail. this includes applications, support notices. this also includes buyer requests for items (MoNs, zhelms), but thats kinda dead atm due to us not running a active squad.

im thinking of putting a form up to buy a MoN since people have a hard time contacting a person in game. for that system to work i need someone who is active with site mail.

site mail gets delivered to a email account of your choice. its all private though, the only people who see your email are admins.

5 FurryWalls   (2011-03-25 12:28 PM) [Entry]
so like, if we get an application in, my job would be the one to post it on the forums? If you can pm me for more specific directions, I think I can do it.

6 Aatrox   (2011-03-25 5:46 PM) [Entry]
moto seeing as your doing it for mon you should do it for all the rest zak ht etc. makes it much easier to know exactly whose buying/payed for it and so on smile

2 Aatrox   (2011-03-24 4:05 AM) [Entry]
let me know if you need me for anything moto happy to do w/e
Answer: kk steve <3 thank you for offering. i'll let you know in a bit!

1 Aatrox   (2011-03-24 4:04 AM) [Entry]
If it means just posting maple updates/sc/events i wouldnt mind o.o just let me know how and i guess i can do it

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