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Evan prize event ~
Evan found a dragon egg chasing after a piglet. He took care of that egg every day and night until it finally hatched. The rest, as they say, is Maple history.

Do you have the kind of heart and dedication Evan does? Visit Cassandra to receive a Mini -Dragon Egg to care for. To take care of it, just stay logged in for one full hour to not only to witness the hatching of a dragon but to take a crack at Cassandra’s quiz. Answer her questions correctly and she’ll give you a gift box that contains a random prize.

Inside that box lie some amazing prizes including a TV, Netbooks, iPods, various functional Cash Shop items, and pieces of Onyx Dragons. Onyx Dragon parts can be collected and traded with Maple Admin for a Dragon Treasure Chest that contains awesome in-game items like Maple weapons, scrolls, and two new Evan chairs.

To check the full list of what you can find within Evan’s Paper Box and Onyx Dragon Treasure Chest, click here.
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2 Humpy   (2010-03-31 5:14 AM) [Entry]
oh dear god..... i will give my left nut for that dragon swing chair.

1 forsakenguild   (2010-03-30 1:06 AM) [Entry]
typical nexon crap. new job = find every way possible to whore it out for money. throw in new chairs because everyone loves new chairs. T___T

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