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Guild picture ~
Valentines guild photo op
I'd like to have a guild photo event on Saturday, the 13th (this week). To participate please get the cupid wings from the current valentines day event so everyone can match! :3
get cupid's wings             get cupid's wings
I'm thinking of having FM as the background. Feedback is welcome.

Please let me know if you would be able to make it or if the time would be an issue for you.

What: guild SS with cupid wings

Where: Free market

When: February 13th, Saturday. Time: around noon (1-3 PM PST)

Note: if you dropped the cupid wings the quest should be fixed in the soonest SC to allow you to repeat it.

Note(2): I would like to use this guild photo to update the site banner for spring.

Thank you~
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3 Tess   (2010-02-10 5:20 PM) [Entry]
biggrin ! If someone can't make it, we can make a little spot in the SS so i can photo edit them in :O?

4 forsakenguild   (2010-02-11 3:36 PM) [Entry]
amg, yes pls n___n would make it much easier

1 Applicate   (2010-02-08 11:26 PM) [Entry]
awww, i can't make 1-3pm pst that's so early for me! sad

2 forsakenguild   (2010-02-09 0:41 AM) [Entry]
im thinking of moving it later

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