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Mechanics, Rollout
The Mechanic is the latest hero to join the underground Resistance against the Black Wings. This evil cult has taken over the town of Edelstein and is using its resources to revive the dreaded Black Mage. Unlike the Battle Mage and the Wild Hunter, the Mechanic isn’t blessed with special powers or an animal companion. Instead Mechanics are just ordinary citizens of Edelstein who use their brave hearts and mechanical ingenuity to create home-brew weaponry to use against the Black Mage’s minions. Together with the other heroes of Maple World, they will battle back against the darkness!

The Mechanic’s greatest ability is his knowledge of robotics. His skill with the mining Mechs of Edelstein allows him to modify one into a mobile combat platform boasting a number of unique experimental weapons. As the Mechanic’s skills increases, the Mech will be able to be temporarily upgraded with new weapons and abilities and the Mechanic will add to his destructive repertoire with other robotic companions. Most Mechanic skills must be performed while mounted on the Mech.

The Prototype is the Mechanic’s first and most basic Mech. While it’s only a few simple upgrades from the basic mining Mech, don’t underestimate its power. Abilities like Gatling Gun, ME-07 Drillhands, and Flame Launcher make it a versatile and useful companion. The Prototype will be the Mechanic’s companion throughout the Mechanic’s career.

The second Job Advancement for the Mechanic doesn’t come with an upgrade to the Mech itself. During this time, the Mechanic is working on learning new attack skills gaining the ability to move quickly using new skills such as Rocket Booster and Open Portal: GX-9.

Upon reaching the third Job Advancement, the Mechanic will gain a skill to temporarily upgrade the Mech with "Siege Mode.” This mode allows the Mech to transform for a short time into a stationary engine of destruction. When not in Siege Mode, the Mechanic will work on a host of subsidiary robots that can be summoned onto the field to aid the Mechanic in combat. These include a combat satellite and Healing Robot H-LX that can fix the Mechanic up during a fight.

Once the fourth Job Advancement rolls around, the Mechanic will be ready to turn the Mech into the ultimate fighting machine! The Mechanic will gain a skill that allows them to temporarily transform the Prototype into the Missile Tank, and is as far from the humble mining Mech as could be imagined. When combined with the new Amplifier Robot AF-11 (which enhances the abilities of everyone within range), the Bots ‘n’ Tots robot factory (which creates a whole bunch of tiny exploding robots) and the Giant Robot SG-88, there’s almost nothing the Mechanic can’t take on!

The Mechanic is ready to take his stand in Maple World. Be prepared, stay informed, and put the Black Wings on notice, because about the Mechanic will be here on January 19, 2010!
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