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Top of ucoz
I thought it would be fitting to announce that is currently rated in the top 30 sites hosted by ucoz. At rank 8. given all the gaming fan sites and guilds that use ucoz as a host, i really consider it an honor to have ucoz name us top gaming related site on the network.

Thank you to everyone who has turned the site into what its become, along with a special kudos to the few who have kept the site alive and updated 

& no, this isn't an april fools joke :) links provided above. lawl.
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14 jqotrsnjo   (2012-06-25 4:28 AM) 25386403934 50920503814
Hello. And Bye.

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13 PYNCENTENCE   (2012-05-26 6:19 PM)

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12 bredranttruff   (2012-05-10 7:10 AM)
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11 Naotaa   (2012-05-09 10:43 PM)
Say no to drugs!

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10 Baplekteato   (2012-05-09 8:19 AM)
Hello !
Let’s celebrate proofs of love! Congrats to you, mom and dad!
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9 joyncToonna   (2012-05-06 8:57 PM)

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8 demEmaxox   (2012-05-04 6:49 PM)
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7 soonyHink   (2012-04-30 4:45 PM)
Hi everyone, I want to say hello. This is very good forum.

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6 aresCettato   (2012-04-28 7:17 PM)
I read this forum since 2 week and I want to register and say hi to everyone

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4 Tess   (2012-04-16 7:48 AM)
Hurray! But not hurray on the spammers @_@

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5 moto   (2012-04-24 10:42 PM)
i know @___@ i contacted ucoz to try and get some advice/help

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