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Notice of Removal of MTS, World Transfers and Name Changes

As of our May 31st update, we will be disabling the ability to buy and sell items on the Maple Trading System (MTS). Items that are still listed prior to the update will be retrievable after the game servers are brought back up, and you have until the rest of the summer to remove any items from your MTS inventory.

We'll also be removing World Transfer and Name Change tickets from the Cash Shop. Any requests pending before the game servers are brought down on May 31st will still be processed.

In our continuing efforts to protect the security of our players and integrity of the game economy, we had to remove these systems due to the malicious activity on the part of some users, which was unfortunately affecting the service as a whole in a very negative way. We shall be working on improving these systems, and hope to return them to the game at a later point in time. In the meantime, be sure to grab your items from the MTS before it closes!

With that said...

S> NX gifts 1:100

Oh Ash, your wish came true. :3

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3 Naotaa   (2012-05-25 6:19 PM) [Entry]

2 Travel   (2012-05-24 8:00 PM) [Entry]
Well, I'm fucked even more on this game now.

1 moto   (2012-05-24 1:49 AM) [Entry]
wait, wtf...

all my god damn ores are in this bitch. all them old ass skillbooks.

got damn. what the fuck am i going to do. cheap ass nexon taking away infinite storage/in game nx more like it. mts is screwed up anyway. if anything, get ready for a meso revolution. this is going to eat up mass amounts at first, after awhile though, meso is going to go up in value as the amount on server is reduced. nx rates will even out again. in a marketplace with little items of any worth, less sellers in fm... just great.

merching now requires real $. that about wraps up a good amount of the merchants unless you wanna sit your ass old school style in fm with a reg permit.

sounds like nexon greed. cutting costs, by taking out three of the services in game that require actual up keep every day/week. game activity is down anyway, why invest in services that cost money.

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