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Tails, Aatrox or Erazes in-game 


We are a Maplestory guild located on the server Bellocan. The guild was created in late February of 2008. Forsaken was created by immigrant players from Scania. Predominantly of friends from the Scanian guilds of Solace, Valliance and BlackRose. Our guild name directly applies to our history:


1. To Give Up (Something Formerly Held Dear)

2. To Leave Altogether; Abandon


The guild was created as a grouping of friends to experience a new server without the stress and drama associated with the overcrowded server Scania. Over the past months the guild has changed directions many times. expanding into a mix of Bellocan natives and immigrants; old friends and new.


While most of the original founders are gone, the fundamental reasons for the creation of the guild and why the guild continues to exist is the same. Friendship and teamwork that betters the play experience. A guild that wont harbor past fights against a user or be over zealous about history. We believe in moving forward and enjoying the time we have now and taking the game for what its worth.

The bedrock of forsaken is friendship.

Continuing old friendships and creating new ones; our goal is having a guild where players can feel welcome, known, and open to expressing who they are and their opinions. To foster this, we ask that all members be active, friendly, communicative, and enjoy the company of fellow guild members.

We are about work and play. We want to maintain a drama free, fun, and open environment for our members. If you create drama or carry baggage, you are not welcome to Forsaken. While we are laid back, we ask that members participate in guild goals and objectives not only for themselves, but for the group as a whole. Having a sense of teamwork is a must, members must not only think of themselves but the greater good for the guild. Not only their own wants but everyone's wants and needs. Goals for the guild as a whole can only be achieved by teamwork and members willing to subject their own time for the guild.

No guild is perfect and we don't expect our members to be. We are not judgmental and we are forgiving.


1) Legit only.

2) Be active.

3) Talk with guild members, don't be closed off.

4) Keep drama outside of the guild/to a minimum.If the issue continues and is personal, address the guild members and explain how you feel but don't be rude. If a guild mate or JR asks you to stop in a situation or an argument arises please do so and respect the guild as a whole. While we want everyone to be comfortable in the guild we ask that members assess your issue with the person and try to come to the best outcome for everyone.  

5) Emoness/throwing hissy fits = out. Keep your self in check, respect the overall guild and everyone in it.

6) If you have an issue with a fellow members, for whatever reason, tell a JR. The sooner the better. Be willing to accept that some reasons you may think ill of someone may be personal issues and in turn the guild may or may not be able to do anything about

7) Teamwork is asked of all guild members. This means participating in RA/HT/Empress/GPQ/events/etc if possible. If you're not unable to participate in any guild activities, don't instantly expect hand outs. While we want to help all our members reach the same level and achieve the same goals, credibility and credence will always be given to members willing to give time and effort for the guild.

8) Remember you are representing all of us, harassment or KS-ing without reason is not tolerated. If you feel you are the one being harassed please address the situation with the guild

9) Do not beg or bother members for help/items. Asking is one thing, excessively asking/harassing people for things/help is another. Anyone who is felt to be using members or the guild will not be tolerated.


10) Members who are interested in hosting/creating guild events are a must, if you're interested please say!



Forsaken is a guild centered around a community experience. Forming friendships, meeting new people and defaming together to better the collective game play. If you are a leech trainer who hangs on a rope all day; aren't talkative and friendly and only after items/meso, Forsaken is not for you. Such players will be weeded out. We are looking for players who are active, open, communicative and willing to take on an amount of responsibility. Users who want to meet new people, form friendships and experience the game with others.



You need to be 4th job and at least lvl 130 (some leeway can be given if your a friend of the guild). Obviously you must be legit. After we receive your form an interview will take place along with a guild sampling vote viewable by guild members only. A public recruitment section in which you can view your application will be posted here.


After a certain amount of votes you may be permitted entry into Forsaken for your trial to continue. Please note that as an OnTrial member you are limited to participating in guild activities such as Zakum runs, guild events, guild PQ, etc, unless permitted by a guild JR on special occasions. If possible, please be active on the forum and specifically your recruitment thread, feel free to introduce yourself in the thread/forum.


If possible, join us in our guild FM (CH19 FM) to talk and meet members, this all betters your chances of being accepted. You will receive a yes or no answer as soon as possible (May take up to four weeks). If you do join a two week trial takes place where you may upgraded to a current guildie, stay on review (on trial) or be asked to leave. We value and respect your interest in becoming a Forsaken member.



When applying please use an active e-mail address as we will reply to the status of your application and when it is posted. Be truthful and honest with your answers to the questionnaire. The questions asked are to field out your personality and style, letting us judge if you would be a good fit in the guild or not.


If you lie and give answers that you'd think we would like to hear, the truth will come out sooner or later and we will remove you from the guild if we feel you misrepresented yourself. The guild takes the questionnaire very seriously and it plays a key role in the process.



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