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Zakum Quest Guide

The Zakum Party Quest is available to players over level 50. The party can consist of 1 to 6 members. The time limit is 30 minutes. The goal is to collect 7 keys. Additionally, the party has the option of collecting 30 document pieces. It is located at the end of the Dead Mine, at the furthest point from El Nath. 

This must be completed in order to fight Zakum. All three stages must be finished to enter zakum. You will need acquire 30 Zombies Lost Gold Teeth to finsih part three, either from Free Market or hunting Minor Zombies (Help: What/where are Minor Zombies?).

To get started, speak with your 3RD job instructor in El nath and ask for permission. After doing so, head to the NPC Adobis. Adobis can be found in at the last map in El nath, you must walk to zombies in higher El nath and enter the El nath mine. You will have to pass lava and bains to access adobis, bring enough pots to survive the walk.

Adobis Mission I (Stage 1)

The first map of Zakum PQ.

Once speaking to Adobis he will let you choose to start stage one of the quest. To enter the PQ map you may enter with party mates OR alone. To enter alone you only need make a party and be the only character in it. Once inside, there are 15 doors. Speed and Teleport do not work here. Each of these leads to a room which is made up of 1 or two parts. Inside rocks and treasure chests are scattered on the floor. These must be destroyed to get the Keys or Documents. 

Documents are always found in rocks, and Keys are usually found in Chests, though there are exceptions. A small note, the word Documents is blocked in game, so they're usually referred to as "Docs". 

Unknown Dead Mine

The rooms are labeled 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 7-2, 8-1, 9-1, 9-2, 10-1, 10-2, 11-1, 12-1, 13-1, 14-1, 15-1.
They are located as follows:

Two rooms, 10 and 7, lead to a further room which more closely resembles the first room than any others, called Area 16 <A Dead Mine Somewhere>,
which has 6 rooms branching off of it, like so:

This map shows which door is which. The arrow returns to the main area.

Documents and Keys are always found in certain rooms, though not always in the same rock or chest. Keys can be found in these rooms (It's located in a chest unless noted):
4-2 (rock), 9-2, 11-1, 14-1, 16-2, 16-3, 16-5 (rock).

This is the Giant Chest, spewing out a Fire Ore.
Once all the keys are collected, they must be combined into one stack and dropped onto the large treasure chest located randomly at 16-5. This causes the chest to open, and a complete Fire Ore is released. The Fire Ore must be returned to Aura located in the first room. In order to receive a prize, however, at least 30 Documents must be collected. The Documents are located in rocks, in these rooms:
There is one Document in:

1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1, 12-1, 14-1, 15-1, 16-4, 16-5*, 16-6

*= This Document is located in a chest.
The following rooms all have 2 Documents:
3-2, 7-2, 8-1, 9-2, 10-2, 13-1

In addition, there are 3 documents located near the starting point. There are more than 30 documents, so get the ones that are easiest, which is personal preference. It's recommended that one person focus on collecting keys while the others gather documents. Once everything is collected, hand it in to Aura, and walk through the portal.

Anyone who does not make it through the portal will not receive a prize. Additionally, the leader must exit through the portal last, or the party members who had not yet passed through will not receive prizes. This is a recent change, so it is unknown whether it is intentional or a glitch.

Although it is fastest to complete with a larger party, it is possible, but much slower, to solo the quest. However, not always will one have someone else to party with, so at times the best option may be to solo the quest, or not do it at all. There are numerous videos on youtube that can guide you through the party quest.


If completing the quest alone with just keys, the reward is 12000 EXP. If completing it alone with both Keys and documents, the reward is 20000 EXP. If completing it in a party, even if it is only made up of two members, with only keys, the EXP is 15000. If the party has both Keys and Documents, the reward is 20000 EXP. Any time that all Documents are collected, all players who finish are awarded with 5 Return to Dead Mine Scrolls.

Zakum Jump Quest(Second Stage)

The second part of the Zakum Quest is a very long linear jump quest which requires the player to reach the end. Here, there are miniature statues that spew quick moving fireballs hindering the players progess. Below is a massive lake of lava therefore should the player fall, they'd be taking in a lot of damage getting back. Players cannot enter the Jump Quest until they completed Adobis's mission (the 1st Stage). 

Zakum Quest (3rd Stage)

This stage involves forging the Eye of Fire, the player must be in possession of the Fire Ore (which is obtained from the 1st Stage) and 30 Zombies Lost Gold Tooth (which is obtained as a semi rare drop from Miner Zombies) to forge the Eye of Fire. Once the Eye is forged, the player can progress to the final stage. 





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