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Mark Of Narican

To buy a MoN please contact us in game or here. You must be registered on the site and logged in to send the message below.

Before submitting a request to acquire a MoN please read our sales page to understand what will be required of you and to make sure we can fit your individual buying needs.
  • Forsaken CWK occurs periodically on any day of the week. We typically run at night PST, 5:00 PM PST or later (GMT -8 Time help). 
  • To buy you must be lvl 90+.
  • You must be on ranking and provide your own potions.
  • If you use windows vista/windows 7 and experience d/c issues at bosses change graphics after the CWK bosses are summoned.
  • Please fill the form to the best of your ability. Provide a date and time you wish to attend a run to recieve your MoN. specify the date and time to the best of your knowledge. Once in contact in game we can work with you on a set run you will attend for looting.

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Zakum Helmet Order Form
  • Due to the removal of Duey from the game and no delivery system currently in place, ordering online has been discontinued. Thank you to our past buyers for using the service and entrusting us with their accounts. RIP Duey.




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