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new five star rating system (partially working, added to forum/photo album, games, burn book)
new image uploading system (now able to upload images up to 4mb)
new private message system (added security, easier to navigate, message preview)
guild photo album updated (sideshow and able to click on photos in the main page, photo pop ups, image size increased)
search is fixed
site menus now work in IE
guild recruitment information
site guidelines and support
spoiler tags were added
new arcade is up. Games with a loading AD may take much longer to start in IE due to security settings, you may have to mark the guild site/ as trusted to get all games to load on IE. (or download firefox!)
guild member directory

soon to be:
new arcade system (featuring flash and download only games, new layout, 200+ new games, counters, medals, ad's, youtube type rating system, search and better categorized)
guild member directory
zakum page updates (new area for zakum hosts/zhelm contacts with easy to use drop log/buyer info exchange)
• forum clean up
two website events

Forum awards are up. feel free to make custom awards and submit them to be added. An award must have a title, description and a small image (50x50 or so is fine). if you run into any issues with the forum award system please comment here.

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Arcade is open! but.... i need (more) games! If you have any flash based games you enjoy online please comment with a link. If the game is "appropriate" I'll add it (if possible). Point/trophys up soon, comment with SS of your high score to participate.

Update: search is down~ will be back soon

OMGPOP and using it on the website:

Given that the client is communicating between ucoz servers and omgpop servers, expect some issues with loading times. In game lag shouldn't be any worse than what you experience in as that is all server sided to and not servers.

You may login; join matches; make a private match. If you wish to join a private match you cant join via a invite link as that will send you to, to join a private match while on the forsaken site; login -> click friends playing and click to join your friends private match. (obviously you must have the user who made the private match friend listed on omgpop for this to work!)

The client will also notify you of when a friend logs in or when someone requests to become friends.

You may not be able to operate the site with a scroll wheel on pages displaying the OMGPOP client. This deals with OMGPOP and how it has so many frames in one window. If you cant use your scroll wheel see the sidebar :3

If you experience any major glitches please leave details about it in feedback~
Thank you~

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Site will be down periodically for service over the weekend. Criticism is welcome. A new site layout is still work in progress and should be done in 2 months (eta).

To make it easier in the mean time to fit in members site title edits, please adhere to the dimensions of the title gif. Word titles must be transparent unless you choose to edit the entire tile image.

~ management
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the following will be fixed/updated soon:
  • Pop out menu on zakum helm info not working in IE 8, buggy in IE 7
  • image layering is discolored in title while viewing page in IE
  • Guild members page needs updating
  • Guide for JR's/nomination event for new guild JR position(s)

Thank you to users who reported bugs/issues <3

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• C'est la vie members are welcome on the site and may have full access. Message or contact me (IGN: motomage) and I'll be happy to upgrade your account.

• A skype group buddy list has been added to the left. The list has been put up to better communication. If you would like to participate please tell me and i will add you to the list.

It will show only forsaken members and friends of forsaken your skype name and status, protectinbg your overall privacy on skype and the website. Clicking the skype bar next to the name will let you message that user.

Aside from giving me the OK to add you to the list you must change your privacy settings in skype to let people view your status online.


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Happy 11th birthday, Jamie <33
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The site may be down periodically
11/16: Pirates has slowed any work ive done on the website, but i promise it will be updated soon (lol) sorry :3

also some small news about zakum runs, i will be picking up zakum runs at least running from Tuesday - Thursday, Monday and Fridays i will be unavailable. That said though, i specifically know peter will be able to handle Monday zruns and DD may be able to handle Friday zruns.
Update one: horntail page is up (11/07)

other updates delayed due to a computer virus that took over the weekend to remove :x updates will take place in the next few
two new applications to join are up.(11/10)

Guild member page updated (11/17)

Zakum sales page and sw page updated (11/17)

Theme updated (11/18)
Forum spacing has been fixed to avoid over flowing on threads. That said, over flowing will still occur on threads with photos posted that are more than 350 pixels wide. (11/18
Request form on members page is up (11/19)

Zakum weapon split and HT split for September runs will be handed out soon.

Hope everyone is doing great!

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Happy Halloween

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While the host is updating some images and site pages may come up corrupt/missing or the site may be inaccessible or not operate as usual (issues by the host should be fixed in 1-3 days max)~

A small note, i haven't been very active lately to handle guild items such as the site and zakum/recruitment but i will be more active in the coming week. I apologize to any buyers who have been trying to contact me via the site.

Many have been asking about splits and guild money, splits for the week will be given out this weekend. I keep a full log of zakum drops/money here (if not updated every day it will be updated during the weekend). HT drops and money list is here.

Hope everyone has been doing good~


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Essential user group added, added permissions, contact motomage/jeniisaur to be added or comment this post. Also added alliance forum here.
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