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Greetings Maplers,

We have compiled a list of players who will be temporarily suspended for abusing the Big Foot glitch or any other power leveling glitches. As we speak, these players are being suspended or have been suspended. Most of these players will be barred from name changes or server changes. They will not be able to escape the offense they committed. For glitching players on Yellonde, they will face a harsher sentence.

A total of 1289 players will be suspended.

The breakdown is:

105       Bellocan

208       Bera

155       Broa

188       Windia

124       Khaini

79         Mardia

79         Kradia

326       Scania

25         Yellonde

Thank you for your reports and patience on this matter.
- The GM Team -

"other power leveling glitches"? ._. bala escaped the hand of nexon </3
Category: Guild | Views: 894 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-09-01 | Comments (2)

Happy labor day weekend forsaken <3
hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend
goes out to everyone who works hard for that NX

Category: Guild | Views: 943 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-30 | Comments (5)

[Note] Lo Poh = Wifeyy.
Please give a warm welcome [back] to Wai/HoLyStAlK3R, Jermaine/MusicAllDay,  &&   Joyce/iJoyce, Forsaken`s newest bishops. We hope you enjoy your stay. If any issues needs to be addressed, please bring it forward to motomage, quikstrike, or jenisaur.
My two younger sisters, JulieStarr && jamisaur, are also new additions to the guild. I felt the need to keep an eye on them when they play instead of having them run around talking to weirdos in the game. Please bring up any problems with them to me and I`ll be sure to take away their internet / television remote / rooms. Thank you.
Tiffy [istrbrycandy] && Jimin [ZroPrecision] announced their breaks and will be back soon. If they fail to return, motomage will be in charge of the whips && chains.
DDnub`s stupid silent week ended short. He speaks! However, there were no winners because DD learned that after selling all his Tobis, he would still not have 100M to give out.
We try to keep the guild as drama-free as possible, but if there are any issues/problems, please bring it up to one of the leaders or make use of the Flame Zone. It is your friend and is there for a reason.

We appreciate those who try to make it to Zakum Runs almost daily. However, it seems like we`re always struggling to get members to come. If you`re going to log on at the last minute to sign up for the run, please try to tell us in advance so we`ll know you`ll be coming.
Also, we are taking too long to set up the run. Please keep in mind that we`d like to run 8:30, so please show up in Nath by 8:00 PM. Thank you.

Motomage currently has the Olympics Event up. Click herefor more info. Please be sure to participate as we reach the end of summer. It seems like balaS2 is in the lead. We`ll see how everything turns out.
I believe that Jimin is still holding the Grandpa Boss event. If this is correct, please let me know so we can start getting people to sign up for it.
[New event] Moto said that whoever gets Aman to rejoin gets 10M! Get to it people. d: 
-- Jenisaur  
Category: Guild | Views: 1117 | Added by: Jeni | Date: 2008-08-28 | Comments (5)

The event will run for 14 days, ending Tuesday September 9th.
Top three prizes will be awarded based on who turns in the following first, any other participants past the first three will be entered into a lottery for 2x zakum drop split.
The event requires no expense, everything can be acquired/found in game for free.
With each SS, you need to be in the pic with the items somewhere in the pic.
update: smores lowered, but nothing else!, its an Olympic challenge, its not supposed to be easy F5
update: gold/silver won; bronze left, any others will be entered into group lottery


  1. 100 needle pouches
  2. 70 coconuts
  3. 60 peaches
  4. 10 smores
  5. 25 green apples
  6. 25 desert mist

  1. SS of yourself with a treasure chest and a lobster
  2. SS of yourself with a frying pan, bow of magical destruction and mystic cane
  3. SS of yourself with a beach/exercise ball(S)

1st: + 3x triple zakum split on a run of your choice
2nd: +
an item of 4k NX or less from CS
3rd: or an item of 5k NX or less from CS

Any other participants out of the first three will be entered in a lottery
for 2x double zakum split on the first zakum run you participate in after winning.

pet can be substituted with any other pet of same or lesser value.

Category: Guild | Views: 1083 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-25 | Comments (8)

  • Jenisaur is back: jeni is a JR and zakum helm contact

  • Vote for a new zakum time or tell us what you think here, we're looking to move the run to 7pm PST +/-
  • The guild website crossed 5k visitors today (AUG 26th) at 9:08AM PST

  • Jimin is attempting to host grandpa gunboss runs, please go here for full details or contact jimin
  • Please take part in the new online poll, opinions are welcome as to what you'd like to see happen with recruitment and future applicants to join
  • Ijoyce, holybepoge, chrisorchino are near to joining, if you have an issue address it soon with a JR or guildmates
  • Waii has applied to rejoin, please vote here

Category: Guild | Views: 1115 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-24 | Comments (2)

Happy birthday to PriestGaby (gaby)

pro bishop of forsaken and Venezuela <3
Category: Guild | Views: 1191 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-20 | Comments (7)

Happy birthday to Zroprecision (jimin)

We wish a very merry happy birthday to our fave (korean) bowman
Category: Guild | Views: 1107 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-19 | Comments (5)

Welcome to forsakens newest member; xlFlipy

New guild p/c giver
Category: Guild | Views: 1190 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-17 | Comments (1)

Welcome to forsakens newest member; cantophie
Category: Guild | Views: 1116 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-14 | Comments (1)

Category: Guild | Views: 1215 | Added by: moto | Date: 2008-08-14 | Comments (0)

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