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Welcome to forsakens newest member; Junyeong

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Happy birthday to xXVHaNDItXx (jan)

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5th official horntail run is scheduled for Monday, September 22nd at 6:00 PM PST.
Sign up here or in game BBS, thank you~

What audacity is this? This run never happen!!!!
Thank you to everyone who came <3
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Power Leveling Clarification

It has come to our attention recently that there is a big debate between Power Leveling and leeching. We would like to clear up any confusion.

1. Where is this issue addressed in the Terms of Use?

Power Leveling and variations on it are addressed in the Terms of Use. Specifically, Section 2.2 of the Code of Conduct:

While using the Service and Software, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to take any actions we deem necessary and appropriate to preserve the integrity of the Service and Software. We further reserve the right to determine what conduct is outside the "spirit" of the Service and games provided therein. While using the Service, you agree not to:

Exploit the Software, Cash Items or the Service for any commercial purpose, including the provision of "Power Leveling" services;...

The full Terms of Use can be seen by clicking here.

2. What is Power Leveling/Leeching?

In order to understand Power Leveling we first need to identify what it means in relation to gaming. Power Leveling is a common term used to mean where one character is leveled up much more quickly than they could do alone by means of help from another player (Usually a much higher level then their own).

Power Leveling happens when one or more players agree to train in a certain area, bringing along a player that cannot possibly help with the killing, yet who will still benefits from the training. This is also known as “leeching”. This action is a player to player agreement. If this service is provided in exchange for mesos, that is also a player to player transaction.

So just to be clear, if you are in game playing with a friend or other player and one of you is leeching experience off the other this is completely between the two players involved. You may be cheating yourself by wiping away the challenge of leveling on your own, but that's a choice you have to make.

However, as soon as you exchange REAL WORLD money for this service then you immediately break our Terms of Use and your account could be subject to punishment (See next question).

3. What about selling Power Leveling help for money?

Certain companies or parties offer to perform this service in exchange for real world money, as opposed to NX Cash or mesoes. According to the Terms of Use above, we do not allow accounts to exploit the service (or game) for any commercial purpose. The key phrase here is “Commercial Purpose”. This means for Real money. As such, companies and parties that offer this kind of service are violating our Terms of Service, and will not be tolerated.

Is it okay to purchase Power Leveling Services?

So what about the players on the other end? The ones who choose to buy the services from these that ok? The short answer is “No.” There are two reasons for this:

1) By purchasing this service, you are encouraging and helping these parties to break the Terms of Service. This is not acceptable, and players caught doing so will be held accountable.

2) The second reason is that many parties require or request personal information in order to Power Level you. In our Terms of Use, it is strictly stated that one is never to give out their account information to anyone. So, by giving those parties your information, YOU are breaking the Terms of Use (not to mention this is a major security risk for your account!).

4. What about “Such-and-such”? Is that TECHNICALLY against the rules?

There are certain grey areas regarding what is and isn’t allowed regarding Power Leveling (or any other rule, for that matter). If you are unsure as to what is okay, remember this from the Terms of Use listed above: “We further reserve the right to determine what conduct is outside the "spirit" of the Service and games provided therein.”

What this rule means is that, if you are playing the game in a way that we did not intend, you may be breaking or Terms of Use. Or, to put it another way: If something is questionable, DON’T DO IT! Don’t tempt fate (or the ban hammer) by trying to “technically” get away with something or doing something that is obviously incorrect just because we haven’t directly denounced it on the forums yet or in the Terms of Use. This advice goes for all aspects of Nexon Games, not just power leveling.

We understand that we can not possibly cover every aspect of this issue nor answer every question you might have, but we sincerely hope this at least helps to clear up some of the confusion surrounding this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and Happy Mapling!

- Nexon Customer Support -
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Note: nothing in this post is intended as a negative remark to/or against anyone. While I understand many are sensitive about the problem, im simply stating the issues that many people have about what’s going on. If you cant handle the discussion in an mature manner, don’t read it.

Due to issues between alandcrew's horntail organizers and other squads, we are asking that any members who join the alandcrew horntail squad stop attending the runs (for the said time).
While I know not many who run with alandcrew agree with this, I’ll make a few points that hopefully you'll understand.

undercutting and the market, its situation on our guild:
  • alandcrew undercutting HT item prices so dramatically to move inventory faster severely hurts our horntail goals and the aspirations of other future squads.
  • It also can monopolize the market on certain items, like MW20, where buyers will wait for alandcrew to acquire the book because they can acquire it so cheap from them, leaving other squads trying to sell the book for a fair market price struggling to find a buyer.
  • We depend on the few items we can sell (after supplying skillbooks to guild/squad members) to fund our next HT run. At the time being we have to use zakum drops to fund the cost of running HT, in turn taking a longer time to fund a future run. Initially this is going to change once we can start attempting runs sooner and having a inventory of items to fund the next run.
  • Achieving this balance has been difficult because while we want to use as many HT drops to fund HT, we also want to achieve a split for the HT squad to encourage members to continue to come to our runs.
  • The process of selling zakum drops for HT is somewhat unfair to members who cant or don’t HT with the guild, aside of the theory that we are using the funds to build a HT squad that will/can benefit everyone in the guild in the long run. Alandcrews actions in the long run will hurt our marketing abilities once we can sell items such as mw20 and gen30, meaning we may still be depending on zakum drops to fund ht to keep the squad going in the short term.
  • To encourage members of the guild and squad to keep attending the HT run who DONT need any ht items, we need to have a sufficient split to share with the squad, alandcrews actions also harm our ability to do this

that said, personally I don’t fully agree with the other squads ideology about pricing and HT items. Natural progression in the market should be allowed to happen, while being courteous to fellow squads about not intentionally undercutting the fair market price so severely which harms everyone. At the same time attempting to price fix items to maintain what one group wants doesn’t work either.

These types of situations remind me of why I and many others left scania, one group trying to keep total control over one aspect (zak/ht) doesn’t work and isn’t fair. It also, like many have brought up, makes me wonder about the future and what people will expect; if other squads later want to let the market progress in a sane way while the main squad wants prices to maintain at a premium, what will happen? will the squad group up against any other squad who doesn’t do what they say? why should I maintain a permit every week to sell a skillbook for a premium, if I can sell it for 25-50m less and have a sale sooner than later. This is how free market works and trying to contain it is somewhat disturbing.

I also understand that some don’t like the fact that alandcrew dose contain illegitimate players who are benefiting from horntail and with this I agree, personally I choose not to help ex hackers/cheaters prosper. I’m also not interested in regulating players “game values” about what’s right and what’s wrong.  At the same time this is nothing new about alandcrew and the fact I see this argument now coming up again only when alandcrew is harming the price structure of HT items is a bit disappointing, seeing people sideline the issue until they harm everyone’s meso.

This said I can understand and see how alandcrews actions effect us and the server as well. Hopefully the issue will stabilize and end with what’s fair for everyone. For the time being im asking that forsaken members do not attend alandcrew runs to avoid added drama and issues which will harm the guild and our aspirations. I agree on the issues with alandcrew like I always have, but this situation still raises some serious questions about how people are operating and if people are working the best interest of the server and not for a few.

I understand many of our main members in the guild need HT items and are tired of waiting, either because our runs are so spaced out or have shown disappointment with the private squads not being accepting of players for one reason or another. To address this DD knows we have to start running HT more often and I know he plans to work on making this happen. I hope you all understand and work with us to help everyone get the items they need. Many of us have been waiting a long time to get a HT item, please be patient and work with us.

To know what members need from HT, please let us know here.

thank you~

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Essential is interested in allying with the guild. Opinions are welcome, vote and please let us know how you feel about the alliance.

Personally, im interested in allying to help the guild with networking and increasing overall activity (chat/training/boss opportunities).
Essential has also been/will be helpful to our HT goals and with us also assisting essential in their first HT run.

Ed (eddiee69) and peter (vtstyles) lead the guild and are known by DD (not all the personal opinon of DD or what DD thinks) and me.

If you are opposed to the alliance please let us know why, thank you~
Essential website: can introduce yourself on the forum if you'd like
Site/guild news:
  • Site application feature fixed
  • Guild member page updated
  • Vote on new members
  • Guild is buying apples for fair market price
  • Tristan; p/c is needed in zakum thread, thanks :]
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Zakum sales are open again. We will resume our normal zakum schedule on Monday, September 15th.

After a few drama filled few weeks, I'm hoping that everyone (moto!) is looking forward to starting anew. While the guild may be lighter (everyone who can zakum, come!) hopefully we can get back to the basics, like FM AFK-ing. <3

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  • 4th Horntail run is scheduled for September 14th, 5PM PST
    sign up is located in bbs
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Welcome to forsakens newest member; LeXMooN

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    im quitting maple for....
i know all you ex pedobears are excited =x
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